Male idols that don’t have a cute girl as their ideal type/like girls from other races

Male idols that don’t have a cute girl as their ideal type/like girls from other races

Party needs, clothes, etc. You can always request or submit quotes. If requesting by specific Group, no need to add Member Names. You may find it super long. All the men in the world would agree. We’re not the group that will stick to one color. We will never stop reinventing ourselves. All you have to do is try again. I’m a human and it’s not possible to always be happy. It’s good up to there, but never cut that string.


You are receiving a lot of love while getting first place on music broadcasts and music charts for your second album. Honestly I was very worried. It was not a fast-paced impactful song but a calm song, so I was worried whether it would be able to give an impact. Thankfully it fit well with the seasons, and the general public and fans listened to it kindly. Was there no sign that you guys would make it big?

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Episode 1 Meter Sprint — Girls First round: In the end, she came in first for the second round. In the fifth round, H. The MCs anticipated for either Rui or Yuju to win. In the end, H. Archery — Boys First round: And while each team highlighted their archery skills, B1A4 secured their win. The group celebrated by handing out candy to their fans! Red Velvet and Lovelyz went head-to-head this round. In the end, Lovelyz went to the final round.

Mina decided to enjoy herself this year by using a ball for her performance, and was able to perform without any mistakes. Rhythmic Aerobics This was the first time for boy groups to participate in rhythmic aerobics!


This is kinda old but a worth reading. Be it during practice, or on stage — he lives everyday earnestly, treating every minor thing as a new challenge. That time would be an opportunity to lash out on themselves on everything they did, and to decide what they will do on the next week. It allows a person to mature, and makes someone feel pleased. Due to our busy schedules after debut, we have not had chances to gather on Saturday nights and talk.

This is for BANA’s that like to Scenarios//Preferences. If you have ideas, you more than welcome to massage me. I hope you will enjoy this blog with plenty of scenarios//preferences.

RoxannaRose At first glance, B1A4’s maknae Gongchan may seem to be the sweet, innocent type, unless you make him angry that is. Rated T for language, and lamp throwing. This scenario came to me as I was working on chapter seven of my B1A4 story, Remember. As it developed, I realized that it would probably make more since as a story of it’s own. More than anything else, Jinyoung wanted to protect Gongchan from knowing where CNU had spent the previous night, and with whom.

However, he knew that he could only do this for so long before the maknae discovered the truth. Jinyoung rushed after the maknae down the hallway, but even as he did so he knew he was to late. Don’t go in there, please! Silently, the his hand fell from the doorknob as he looked in disbelief at the rooms occupants. Gongchan turned back to the gaping doorway, eyes aflame with a cold fury that could only come from betrayal.

I knew it was true! Next to him Sandeul rolled over, doing his best to ignore the sudden racket. What gives you the right to-” “Please, keep your voice down-” “NO!

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He is so charming; I could never imagine a life without him. Until today, when I asked him what we were doing today. Why do you ask? Hoping soon enough he would realize that today was a special day for me. I told him that I was going to go to the coffee shop today to get some coffee and offered him one. I put my head and let him do what he wanted.

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Of Letters and Numbers: I’ve been an avid KPOP fan for 6 years already and this is my first attempt to write a comprehensive review on what I actually listen to. So, to my readers who aren’t really fans of this kind of music, please bear with me. Getting to Know B1A4 Having them uniquely introduced through a webtoon series, B1A4 comes to life with more than fresh and handsome faces.

Hence, the name of B1A4. Their name also stands for “Be the one, all for one”. They just released their first mini-album, “Let’s Fly” with “O.


The SISTAR members turned into complete beach babes for this shoot, showing off their fit bodies and voluminous curves. The boys go for a bit more mellow, less fun yet still charming concept as they lounge in comfortable casual wear. Regarding the girls’ shoot, ‘High Cut’ said, “SISTAR, who say that they always enjoy water sports, enjoyed beach volleyball and surfing in Hawaii, where the sun beats down on them, for a fun and refreshing time. He said, “Nothing concerns me. Words like ‘He’s taller than Jo Kwon, he’s superior’ frustrate me.

We don’t know about you but is looking to be a great year for Malaysians as various artistes including Michael Bublé, Slash, Avenged Sevenfold, The Script, Ed Sheeran will be holding concerts in Malaysia l Bublé, Slash, Avenged Sevenfold, The Script, Ed Sheeran will be holding concerts in Malaysia soon.

Despite the simple stage set up and not having much tricks up their sleeves in term of special effects and such, the guys of B1A4 made up for it with their passion for performance and making it the best night for their fans as it was really special and meaningful. K, their debut hit single which was released back in Wearing outfits of white shoes, black pants and striped jackets, it didn’t take long before they got the fans jumping and doing fanchants along with the catchy song!

K, they performed Beautiful Target, and the fans scream really did bring the house down! It was amazing that even though it was only 2 songs into the show, but the atmosphere at KL Live was hot, hot, hot. B1A4 also showed their Malay language skills when they were introducing themselves one by one. Baro made a cute mistake by saying “Nama kaya Baro” instead of “Nama saya Baro” “My name is Baro” , which made the fans laugh. He later corrected it when he realized his mistake. B1A4 expressed their happiness of being back in Malaysia while Sandeul showed concern over the recent flood that affected some of the states in Malaysia, making sure that the fans were all okay.

It was really cute seeing them trying their best to say sentences in Malay and it was totally commendable. Throughout the show, the boys maintained their momentum and awesome showmanship that made the fans even crazier and the atmosphere even livelier. Armed with catchy songs, catchy dance moves and interspersed with fans’ scream and fan chants to each and every song they performed, which made the members of B1A4 smile, it was clear to see how much B1A4 loves their fans and vice versa.

The amount of energy they showed throughout the night made it impossible for the fans to feel bored during the show.

#B1A4 To Hold A Special Fan Meeting In Kuala Lumpur In 2015

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Dec 05,  · B1A4 (비원에이포) MEMBERS PROFILE CNU, Sandeul, Gongchan, Baro, Jinyoung CNU (신우) Stage Name: CNU (신우) Birth Name: Shin Dong FT Island Members Profile FT ISLAND (에프티 아일랜드) MEMBERS PROFILE 1.

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul Tanggal lahir: Pada awal kemunculannya, Nickhun salah satu personel paling menarik perhatian. Wajah imut perpaduan China-Thailand cowok yang lahir dan besar di Amerika ini dan kemampuan berbahasa Korea yang masih minim bikin geregetan. Kemampuan beradaptasi Nichkun yang baik di Korea membuatnya makin berkilau.

Kemampuan bahasa Korea yang makin fasih menjadi jalan memperlancar kariernya. Tahun ini, pemilik julukan Prince Khun ini akan merambah dunia akting dengan menjadi pendukung film The Shining Diploma. Ok Taecyeon Tanggal lahir:

B1A4 Delivers Simple And Honest Performance During Malaysia Fanmeeting

Not really in a good mood today, cause of a very close friend 2 actually Like the title, I’ve been ignored, when both my friends are sharing a secret that hurts them so much. One of them is Mikey , and the other is Amerie not real names.. First of all, Amerie and I have been friends for 5 years, and Mikey for 2 years, but I’m actually closer to Mikey.. During the first few months of school this year, our seating arrangements was 2: But all that change during mid year where the seating arrangement was 2: Mikey and Amerie sat together in front of me i was at the last row , so they kinda got closer, but i didn’t mind

– Mấy đứa sẽ phát hành bài mới vào 12h đêm mai, mong mọi người hãy dành nhiều tình cảm cho B1A4 nhé 3 br=””> – B1A4, em yêu các anh ㅠㅠ.

What changes the most compared to when you debut: What is your interest now: We were working oversea at time so we have to rent practice room and practiced for short time, hours a day. The concept, choreo, music; I really like everything of this song. What is your ultimate goal in life: L 3 words that described yourself the most: At first when I just debut, I only think that I have to do my best.

What makes you most proud of yourself: Since my parents also live in Seoul, we often have a meal together. I like black clothes anyway, like since I was born laugh. And about camera, I have an interest in it for a while, but since I showed my photography skills to fans lately, I have more interest about lens, type and series.

CNU & Sandeul – Romantic Paris [Park Jiyoon’s FM Date] (16.03.10) {Hangul, Romanization, Eng Sub}

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